Is there a more perfect pairing than late nights and frozen pizza? Every week, our Night Show host Jordan will be taking a bite out of the frozen pizza industry and judging a given ‘za on the following qualities:

  • Packaging/Design
  • Mouth Feel/Taste
  • Topping – Sauce – Crust Ratio
  • Consistency
  • Texture

Last week, Jordan had a new Frozen Pizza Fav with Pep’s Pizza Drafhouse’s Taproom Double. This week, we’re upping the ante by bringing on our first guest-hosts: Indie-pop band Joywave!

The Rochester, NY band are on tour right now with Sir Sly and showing off songs from last year’s excellent Content. But Joywave aren’t here to talk about their projects, no sir. They’re here to talk Pizza. Today, they helped us review a grocery store classic: Tombstone.

Remember, don’t get it twisted, Go Radio is not being paid for these reviews, so that you can trust Jordan to be 100% bias-free. #NoCorporateDollars!

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