Is there a more perfect pairing than late nights and frozen pizza? Every week, our Night Show host Jordan will be taking a bite out of the frozen pizza industry and judging a given ‘za on the following qualities:

  • Packaging/Design
  • Mouth Feel/Taste
  • Topping – Sauce – Crust Ratio
  • Consistency
  • Texture

This week, Jordan was joined by local rockers Yam Haus, who brought Jordan his very first Dairy-free pizza from the good folks at Daiya. The lovely gentlemen from Yam Haus are predominantly vegan or practice dairy-free diets, so our normal frozen ‘zas just weren’t gonna cut it.

In between bites, Jordan talked to Yam Haus about their show this Friday at Fine Line, the universal influence of hip-hop culture, married life and much more.

As always, Go Radio is not being paid for these reviews, so that you can trust Jordan to be 100% bias-free. #NoCorporateDollars!

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