Jordan is the Music Director at Go 96.3 and hosts “New at Night” every week night from 7-midnight, where you hear the most new music in the Twin Cities. Here’s what he’s been playing a lot of on and off the air:


At the intersection of psychedelic, pop, and R&B, you’ll find Remi Wolf. Last month, she released her debut EP I’m Allergic to Dogs (tragic), which is a fascinating and fun dive into a sound that has otherwise been under-served or non-existent. Off that EP, “Disco Man” sticks out as the highlight. The chorus is maddeningly catchy and the lyrics are sharp and poignant. Also, just watch the video. She seems like the most fun person ever and I want to be her friend.


You remember Dominic from his part-alt/part hip-hop 2018 breakout “3 Nights”, which took place in a motel. He’s since upgraded to a hotel and orders chicken tenders to his room. Good for Dominic! His debut album What Could Possibly Go Wrong comes out on 7/31 and will most likely be one of the best albums of the year since he’s never released a bad song.


I haven’t properly DJed since the pandemic started but once I get out again, I’m definitely throwing this song into the mix. The production echoes the percussive heavy and controlled chaos of the mid-00’s (see: Timbaland and the Neptunes), while Maidza floats over the top. I’m also impressed with the savvy song arrangement and progression. This song is so hype that after listening to it, you’ll be able to run a marathon without training.


Remember concerts? Those were fun. Misterwives played a sold out Go Show at First Avenue back in 2017 and they absolutely won us over at one of the most storied venues in world history (click here for info on Save our Stages). Since then, they’ve gone on to open for Twenty One Pilots and release nothing but optimistic bops that discuss the intricacies of mental health. Their album Superbloom comes out on 7/24 and the title track deserves a Chance the Rapper feature on the remix.

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