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Oh come all Ye‘ hateful!

Looks like 2018 won’t end without a full-fledged explicit war of words between Kanye and Drake, and now Kanye has taken to Twitter over the afternoon to share some grievances.

According to Kanye‘s Twitter feed, the controversial Chicago rapper was triggered by a notification that Drake wanted to clear a sample from the 2008 Kanye-produced Drake track “Say What’s Real.” Claiming such a move was “faker than wrestling,” Kanye went on to say Drake owes him an apology for the shots Drake took at him on this summer’s French Montana single “No Stylist” and the current Travis Scott smash “Sicko Mode.”

Kanye went on to say he’s been attempting to meet with Drake for six months, and is upset that Drake would text Kardashian matriarch (and Kanye’s mother-in-law) Kris Jenner.

After restating that he wasn’t the one who told Pusha T about Drake’s son, Kanye’s rant becomes less-and-less coherent. He states {sic-o mode} “It’s all love bro bro but don’t play with me. You stay too close to be playing all these industry games bro Sending purple emojis When I’m dealing with mental [deleted explicit] I need my apologies now Not through scooter either Not through Travis I would never intentionally try to hurt you bro I never even heard none of the diss records That ain’t my MO never did a diss record

Drake responded by posting a line of laughing emojis in his Instagram story.

This further set Kanye off, leading to allegations of this:

and this:

Until 12 minutes later when Kanye tweeted that “Drake Finally Called.”

Kanye chased this with a tweet reading “Mission accomplished” (which we assume he must mean in a George W. sort-of-way) and the epilogue:

Kanye has been radio silent since, but we’ll keep you updated as the beef goes on…

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