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Welcome to the another installment of Go 95.3‘s Kanye vs. the Classics. Here, every Monday, we’ll compare and contrast a classic Kanye West song against a classic work of literature. It’s the self-professed “voice of this generation” matched against a timeless entry into the canon of human achievement. Which is better? You decide!

Yeezy Season has returned! After coming his closest to losing last week as his 2005 single “Heard ‘Em Say” only managed 73% of the vote against Beatrix Potter‘s The Tale of Peter Rabbit, West’s lowest showing ever, the Old Kanye prevailed.

Given how much Kanye is in the news, this week we’re giving the man a breather and looking back at all the previous Kanye vs. the Classics match-ups.

Week 1) ‘Monster’ Vs. ‘The Metamorphosis’

Kanye vs. the Classics – ‘Monster’ vs. ‘The Metamorphosis’

Week 2) ‘Heartless’ Vs. ‘Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde’

Kanye vs. The Classics – ‘Heartless’ vs. ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’

Week 3) ‘All Falls Down’ Vs. ‘The Age Of Innocence’

Kanye Vs. The Classics – ‘All Falls Down’ vs. ‘The Age of Innocence’

Week 4) ‘Otis’ Vs. ‘Dracula’

Kanye vs. the Classics: ‘Otis’ vs. ‘Dracula’

Week 5) ‘Stronger’ Vs. ‘War Of The Worlds’

Kanye Vs. The Classics: ‘Stronger’ Vs. ‘War of the Worlds’

Week 6) ‘Heard ‘Em Say’ Vs. ‘The Tale Of Peter Rabbit’

Kanye Vs. The Classics: ‘Heard ‘Em Say’ Vs. ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’

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