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So, how was your weekend?

For Kanye West, it was a busy one. If you haven’t been glued to social media, here’s the major talking points as to what’s happening on Mr. West’s Wild Ride.

1) After a week of polarizing political posts, this past Thursday saw Kanye sharing a private text from John Legend on social media, resulting in further criticism.

2) Thursday also saw Chance the Rapper get sucked into the debacle, standing by Kanye to the point where he received a thankful tweet from President Donald Trump, which Chance publicly rejected on Friday while clarifying that he was in the wrong for the wording and timing of his comments regarding Kanye.

3) Kanye surprised fans later that Friday with a new song on his website “Lift Yourself,” speculated by many to be a giant troll-job as a cinematic Kanye beat builds up to thirty seconds of Kanye rhyming different patterns of the syllables “whoop,” “scoop” and “poop.”

4) Saturday morning Kanye turns around and again surprises us with “Ye vs. the People” a T.I.-assisted track with the rappers going back and forth regarding Kanye explaining his message and T.I. responding with why Ye’s actions are problematic.

5) That same day Kanye also revealed the name and artwork for his next album, Love Everyone, which will solely consist of the headshot of plastic surgeon Jan Adams, the doctor at the helm of Kanye’s mother Donda West‘s final cosmetic surgical procedures that resulted in her death.

6) Saturday night Kanye tweeted that Parkland school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez was his “hero.” Emma responded by tweeting that her hero was James Shaw Jr., the civilian who disarmed the Waffle House shooter last weekend. Kanye responded by tweeting a nonplussed selfie with the text “inspired by Emma.” It’s been interpreted as everything from a joke about her hair to…really who knows at this point?

7) Sunday Kanye posted Smokepurpp‘s “Lift Yourself” remix, but clarified he wasn’t doing it as a diss to J. Cole who Purpp shouts out on the track despite the perception that the two are rivals.

8) Kanye spent the rest of his Sunday alternating between Retweeting videos from far-right Conservative internet personalities and tweeting his own confusing brand of what he most likely thinks are inspirational tweets, solely taking a break to wish Travis Scott a happy birthday.

And that brings us to Sunday night at 5:42 PM CT. As always, stay tuned to Go 95.3 for all the latest in Kanye analysis and updates.

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