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After almost a year of delays, we finally have what might be our first taste of Kanye West‘s Yandhi with “Brothers.” The snippet, alternately titled “Brothers Forever” in some locations, was teased on BET‘s Tales last night and leaked earlier today and was quickly followed by a concentrated effort to wipe it from the internet.

Dipping into the Late Registration-era polished soul samples that call to mind “The Old Kanye,” the track’s semi-apologetic vibe seems to suggest the importance of family, stating no matter what “we’ll be brothers forever” and if something happens to one, it happens to them “together.”

But, if it is an autobiographical track, something seems just off. Ye raps “I could say I was wrong, I could take the blame / but brothers don’t owe each other, they just share the same name.” While he does later apologize for “the missed cues,” it does seem hard to pinpoint exactly what Kanye was trying to accomplish with the track, other than give everyone the feels with a dose of nostalgia for mid-aughts Kanye in what was perhaps an effort to forgive him for the past three years.

What do you think of the track? Check it out “Brothers” here, and set your playback speed to 0.5:

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