Always nice to hear new Kendrick pop up in unexpected places.

If you watched the last game of the NBA Finals this week (and, let’s be real, who didn’t?) your ear may have caught a little something special slyly snuck in during the Golden State Warriors’ celebration.

That’s right – new Kendrick!

It’s a brief new take on an instant classic as Damn‘s “D.N.A.” gets a verse we never heard anywhere on the album.

The new lyrics are:

I got I got I got
Motivation, realization in my DNA
I got
Devotion and emotion in my DNA
Eyes open wide
Yeah we only want the prize
Standing ovation and celebration for our DNA

The isn’t the first time one of the biggest nights in sports has been the jumping point for new hip-hop. In 2013, Jay-Z famously announced his forthcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album during the commercials, and just last year The Rootsdropped a new track to mark the occasion.

Kendrick Lamar Finals DNA lyrics from jensyao on Vimeo.

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