Right now we’re all non-stop jamming to the stellar new Kendrick Lamar album, DAMN and a lot of us are already leaning toward “PRIDE.” as a favorite.

What is it about the soul of this record that just seems to seep into not just our ears, but the depths of our soul every time we hear it? The answer: It’s Steve Lacy.

If you’re not familiar with 18-year-old Mr. Lacy, be prepared to meet your new favorite producer of 2017. First emerging as a production collaborator with The Internet, he’s quickly developed an addicting signature sound that’s brought our the most emotive elements of all his collaborators.

Prior to yesterday’s release, Lacy was receiving rave reviews for his production on Syd’s non-album track “Drowning Water.”

But the analog warmth of both “Treading Water” and “PRIDE.” can be traced back to Lacy’s excellent debut EP, Demo. With undeniable bass lines and vocals to charm and disarm, tracks like “Dark Red” stay rooted in the foundations of classic soul while maintain a cutting edge progression, giving even these new tracks a timeless feeling.

Genius recognizes genius, and based on Lacy’s story on working with Kendrick (not-to-mention making the “PRIDE.” beat on his iPhone in Garage Band), the two could see each other right away.


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