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Surprising fans, today he-who-shall-not-be-named seems to have leaked the tracklists for his new album with Kid Cudi, and well as the album he produced for Pusha T.

The former, Kids See Ghosts, is due out June 1. One week prior we get the latter’s King Push.

Both coming in at under 10 tracks, if these lists are to be believed, they might skew closer to being EPs, unless their tracks are particularly long.

So, allegedly coming our way are:

Kids See Ghost (June 1)
1. Feel the Love
2. Kid See Ghost
3. 4th Dimension
4. Ghost Town
5. Cudi Montage
6. Devils Watchin
7. Reborn

King Push (May 25)
1. If You Know U Know
2. Sociopath
3. Games We Play
4. Come Back Baby
5. Infrared
6. Hard Piano
7. How Do You Respond
8. Santaria

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