Killer Mike, known as one half of Run the Jewels, is going to be able the drill the water as well! This week, a $11.6 million tunnel-boring machine in Atlanta was christened in his name after “Driller mike” was chosen from over 700 online submissions.

Just as Killer Mike has made tremendous efforts to better his local communities, Driller Mike is built to do the same. The plan now is for Driller Mike to begin at a 350-foot deep reservoir (the former Bellwood Quarry) and drill a five-mile tunnel to the Chattahoochee River and Hemphill Water Treatment Plant, effectively allowing for the storage of 2.4 billion gallons of water under downtown Atlanta for clean safe water over the next century.

Mike told AP that he didn’t initially take the naming particularly seriously as “cities don’t associate themselves with rappers,” but said he was honored that the people of Atlanta chose to name something after him. Driller Mike has proven popular enough to even spawn its own Twitter account.

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