The delightful debauchery of South Park‘s 21st season rolls on with more hip-hop goodness in check. After previous parodies of Kendrick Lamar and Logic, the show enrolled Run the Jewels member Killer Mike for an original track detailing the hardships of life inside a nursing home.

The jam, “Locked Up in Here,” features Mike rapping from the perspective of an elderly person cast away to a home, drawing numerous parallels to prison life. The episode “Hummels & Heroin” followed the opioid crisis affecting South Park’s birthday entertainers,  and how their deaths linked to the trading of Hummel figurines within the elderly retirement home.

The episode also featured Continental Five featuring C-Moez‘s “Where the Money At” and Stitches‘ “Brick In Yo Face.” Additionally, the boys distracted the nursing home residents later in the episode with a barbershop medley of “old people music” such as Cypress Hill, Nirvana and Kelis.

No word if Killer Mike will perform “Locked Up in Here” as part of Run the Jewels‘ set at our Go Snow Show on December 3 at Myth Live.

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