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Being a fan of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in 2018 can often result in eye-rolls from outsiders, but the company is galloping along as a high-profiting machine. After 2018’s switch from the TV Rating of PG-DVL (Dialogue, Violence and Language) to a standard TV-PG in 2008- the company has had highs and lows as it finds its niche within modern broadcasting.

The NYSE publicly traded business is currently sitting $5 below their 52 Week High rate of $85.93. This is pretty good considering, within the last year, it has been as low as $20 per share. Point being- WWE is a profitable, growing company that isn’t going anywhere especially as the industry’s only big dog on a worldwide scale.

I, for one, am pitching that Stamford, Conneticut’s finest should open a retail store in Minnesota’s own Mall of America. This mammoth mall is already home to over 500 stores, many of which are the flagship store for national brands. WWE would be a great fit. For tonight’s Roll-Up, I’ve put together 7 reasons that this should come to fruition.

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It Would Make WWE Merchandise More Readily Available

The WWE has always capitalized on making a wide variety of products from t-shirts, to coffee mugs, to beach towels. The WWE Shop Zone – a pop-up store – always does incredible numbers at the franchise’s annual flagship event Wrestlemania and I’m sure this would be no different. Aside from WWE.com, it can be challenging to find clothing and toys in local retail stores. Limited quantities and availability can be found at Target and Wal-Mart but why not have a flagship store with EVERYTHING? (Yes, this may be bad for my mortgage and student loans. Yes, I know I need to watch myself, but the point still stands)

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WWE Superstar Meet & Greet Opportunities

As WWE Superstars travel the world, they could easily make detours for appearances and autograph signings at the WWE Store. This would influence customers to make plans and attend appearances from current WWE Superstars, Legends and Hall of Fame inductees. This would not only get bodies in the store, but allow for a greater connection between the fans and the brand.

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Exclusive Merch Releases

If this was to be truly a headquarters for wrestling fans alike, I believe fans would make the WWE Store a worldwide destination pilgrimage. Wrestling fans old and young are known for their loyalty, and this would allow for merchandise and experiences that are not available anywhere else.

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Join the Big Leagues

Many Minnesota sports teams have their own stores in MOA. If WWE would like to be viewed among the general population as entertainment on the same level as the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, they should be doing what the other major leagues are doing.

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Low Overhead

I’m estimating that this store could operate with very low overhead. If you find a few dedicated fanatics and offer simple bonuses with experiences that are not for sale (such as playing Fortnite with current WWE champion AJ Styles or hitting up Cold Stone Creamery with Stone Cold Steve Austin), I don’t think WWE would have a hard time staffing the store. Add a couple managers (perhaps the ones ringside could provide double duty) and we’ve got a team to keep this thing running.

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XFL Viewing Parties

WWE CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon recently announced that he is bringing back the XFL, the failed 2001 football league which was a WWE and NBC joint-venture. Where better than the WWE Store to host XFL viewing parties? Now hypothetically, the stores may not fit many comfortably, but how great would it be to say the XFL drew a capacity crowd at Mall of America?

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Why Not?!

CNN reported that in 2018, the WWE is worth approximately $3 Billion. I think they can afford to open a small shop in the greatest mall in the world, if for nothing more than just presence. Minnesota has strong roots in wrestling, most famously as a training ground for many WWE Legends including Hulk Hogan, The Road Warriors, Bob Backlund, X-Pac, Mr. Perfect and the state’s former Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura. We owe it to these forefathers to honor their legacy in this great state and that WE SHOULD DEMAND THAT THE WWE OPENS A STORE IN THE MALL OF AMERICA! WHO’S WITH ME?! SOMEBODY NOTIFY GO 95.3‘s CHAZ KANGAS TO START THE PETITION! (Editor’s Note: Can’t now, I’m watching Raw!)

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