U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art

Given that ultra-prolific rapper Lil B has released dozens of mixtapes, hundreds of songs and has gone on to be the single most influential rapper this decade (who else has impacted Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Earl Sweatshirt and pretty much anyone to pick up a mic since 2010)  – it’s pretty surprising that it’s taken until now for a rapper to release a Lil B Tribute album. #ThankYouBasedSuper, Darko did just that!

That’s right, Darko the Super released Thank You Based God, a Lil B tribute album with features from Moka Only, Torito and – oh yeah – Lil B himself!

The album is available on label U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art‘s signature cassettes, download/streaming services and – if you’re a hardcore #Based collector – a #Rare 10″ diamond picture disc.

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