In our opinion, Lil Yachty missed a golden opportunity by choosing to film his video for “Minnesota” at a generic ice rink in the Atlanta suburbs. Here are a few Twin Cities locations that could have brought the video to the next level.

1) Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The overall aesthetics of the Sculpture Garden would make for a stunning visual. The focal point could be the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry. The shiny red cherry of the sculpture and Yachty’s vibrant red hair is a classic example of life imitating art.

2) Xcel Energy Center
The original video mostly works because an��ice rink is technially a cold place, and Yachty’s crew or “Sailing Team” are fitted in super dope matching hockey jerseys. However, since we’re The State of Hockey and all, literally filming the video in Minnesota would have made more sense. That way the scenes filmed outside wouldn’t need that bad special effects fake snow, just a quick forecast check would do the trick.

3) Minnehaha Falls
Especially during the winter time, the falls would add a stellar backdrop, reminiscent of the ice cave in the recent Sprite campaign videos featuring Lil Boat. Also, the seafoam green of the frozen falls would pair well with the pieces of Lil Yachty’s collaboration with Nautica for Urban Outfitters.

4) Mall of America
The Mall of America provides endless backdrop options and is a tourist hub for many who make the cold trek to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The primary colors and playfulness of Lego Land is something only Lil Yachty could make look cool.

5) Downtown Minneapolis
To keep it simple, but still rooted in the state mentioned in the song, Downtown Minneapolis would be a solid choice. The Guthrie Theater Endless Bridge or the legendary First Avenue mainroom are two sites that could fit Lil Boat’s edgy vibe.

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