Rich Peterson / 13twentythree

Now that another Soundset weekend is in the books, the biggest story was perhaps an absolute genuine surprise.

Sunday morning Soundset issued a statement that – without explanation – Lil Uzi Vert was not going to be performing. However, that same announcement concluded with news that he was being replaced with two of the hottest artists on the planet, Lil Nas X and DaBaby.

A massive, massive upgrade – Soundset attendees who were in front of the mainstages seemed to have missed the announcement of the switch, leading to absolute pandemonium once Lil Nas X took the stage. The massive pop of the crowd sustained through singing along to “Old Town Road” – the current #1 song in the country – and then a warm reception for Lil Nas X’s second song “Panini.”

Then DaBaby followed, continuing the surprise and maintaining that North Carolina warmth on a perfect Soundset day.

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