To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled five tracks by female artists from Minnesota.

BdotCroc – “FRFR”

North Minneapolis-based BdotCroc claims her ground in this catchy rap track. The first line, “Don’t do me no favors, keep the tips for the waiters,” packs a powerful punch right off the bat. She goes on to rap about her ambitions to start her own label and create merchandise, but if one thing is for certain: she is selling confidence.

Ness Nite – “Lilith”

Ness Nite’s atmospheric, horoscope-themed track is about someone doing her wrong. Despite this toxic exchange, she doesn’t regret the romantic relationship. The recent Pow Recordings signee leads by example through writing and producing her own tracks and her self-made, liberating genre, “braless music.”

K.Raydio – “Proof”

K.Raydio soulfully sings about the trials she has been through in “Proof.” She says, “I could show you bloody knuckles, and I could show you how I got them too.” She alludes to being resilient in a world or war and ignorance that drags her down at times. “Proof” is a keep-your-head-up anthem for anyone hiding scars.

Lexi Alijai – “Black Lives Matters”

In this track, St. Paul emcee Lexi Alijai gives her perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement. She starts her first verse by saying this is an introduction to her life, as she talks about people of her own race facing deathly discrimination. Then, come the second verse she raps about how Donald Trump couldn’t last a day in the hood. Through the reality Lexi spits, there are vocals on the track that speak about persevering through tough times.

Caroline Smith – “Walking Off Strong”

Smith’s “Walking Off Strong” is a jazzy song about calling it quits with a man before getting hurt or rejected. She says she is “walking off strong” even though this might make her lonely. Smith proves that she knows what is in her best interest, and that self-trust has made her a winner in this situation.

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