It was a busy 2016 for Alicia Keys. Between her album Here and coaching gig on The Voice, we got quite a bit from the relatively reclusive singer. Fortunately, the new year isn’t slowing down her output as we’ve already received “Sweet F’in Love,” her new collaboration with producer Kaytranada.

The track emerged on Keys’ husband (And fellow Egypt Daoud Dean co-creator) Swizz Beatz’s Soundcloud. It’s new territory for both Keys and Kaytranada, with an emphasis more on the emotive euphoria of the upbeat production, with a very minimal inclusion of Keys’ vocals, only sparingly purring “sweeeet f’ing love.”

Just a month removed from Valentine’s Day, the track does arrive just in time to stir up some romance. While Keys actually does say “f-ing,” without eluding to what the “f” stands for, we have our guesses. But as Swizz said in reference to the song on Instagram, “It’s 2017 no break just new vibes ASAP!!!”

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