They always say never meet your heroes, but Aminé just dispelled that with this remix of Honne’s “Warm on a Cold Night.”

After the British electronic outfit met with Aminé during one of his London shows, they shared music with each other and paved the way for Aminé’s remix.

The original “Warm on a Cold Night” was a breakout hit for Honne back in 2014, and later became the title track of their 2016 album. The infectiousness of this new version is a testament to both the track’s longevity and Aminé’s inventiveness.

Honne have stated not only their approval of the track, but looking forward to more Aminé coming soon. Apparently their all night session included the Portland rapper sharing a few of his new tracks, enough for Honne to declare his forthcoming album is going to be “Dope.”

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