We don’t know exactly how Calvin Harris orchestrated the creation of “Slide,” but we like to assume he saw the two artists that the world can’t get enough of at the moment and decided to put them on the same track. Frank Ocean and Migos are currently in the midst of two of the best hot-streaks in modern hip-hop, and thankfully their mega-powers didn’t explode, as their collaboration “Slide” is absolutely excellent.

Along with feeling like an early candidate for the song of the summer (and a shoe-in for song of the oddly-warm February) “Slide” is pretty smooth. Additionally, there’s a story in the song’s credits that states “Frank Ocean appears courtesy of Frank Ocean.” Typically, when an artist like Chance the Rapper or Kool Keith makes a cheeky “appears courtesy of” joke, they say “himself.” Frankly, the use of proper nouns here looks like more of the bold stance that Ocean has taken with labels.

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