Do not adjust your screen: We have yet another new Frank Ocean song.

While it’s not clear what has made the once-reclusive singer suddenly prolific, we’re not complaining. More Frank Ocean is always good Frank Ocean.

From his second episode of Blonded Radio in three days, Frank hit us with a remix of “Slide on Me,” from his 2016 video album Endless.

Two of hip-hop’s most infectious melody creators, Young Thug and Ocean’s powers combined bring out so many catchy layers within the beats and rhymes. Given how misunderstood both seem to often be within the hip-hop world, the Venn diagram they’ve crossed on has produced something special.

Not bad for a song that randomly premiered during an unannounced early Monday morning broadcast.

Fans wanting more new Frank remix collaborations should also peep this week’s other Blonded Radio cut, the “Lens” remix with Travis Scott.

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