The smoothest track of the year has just arrived. My fingers are sliding off the keyboard as I’m typing this, so please be advised that this track is SFW: Smooth Future Waxing.

Future’s “Mask Off” was the self-titled album deep cut of choice for the discerning Future fan. Bouncy and confessional, the soul of the track resonates in all the areas we feel Future. How could it be better? Put it in the hands of jazz-master and hip-hop producer Terrace Martin.

A big appeal of Future’s music is the digital warble of his voice leading to the more intimate nuances of his elation and depression. Hearing Future’s highs and lows translated through Martin’s strong brass assortment is nothing short of spellbinding. While Future may have the “Mask Off,” Martin has the “Sax On,” and it’s incredible.

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