Two of the biggest comebacks in hip-hop over the past year have been that of Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj.

Gucci spent the year recording and releasing music like an absolute madman, giving us a welcome back tidal wave of homecoming material. Nicki’s selective stick-and-move method of new material made every track, from her remake of “Black Beatles” to her Major Lazer collaboration, an event. With both reuniting for “Make Love,” the contrast is a welcome one.

While the hook emphasizes that the love-making is metaphorical (the fantastic Gucci-ism “I’m makin’ money like I’m makin’ sweet love”) there’s no love lost with Nicki’s verse.

Despite Gucci’s being largely positive (bragging that he’s the type of gentleman to “spend a million on a wedding cake” is one of the most unexpectedly touching rap moments this year), Nicki’s bars allegedly are aimed as fellow rap star Remy Ma. While Remy’s not mentioned by name, the specific slights of album sales and reality show references make it hard to argue that there’s beef.

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