21 Savage’s signature tattoo might lead the way to a signature hit with help from Young Thug and Drake.

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Atlanta rapper 21 Savage is his unmistakable forehead tattoo. The second thing is the infamous star-making clip from his VladTV interview when asked about “the cross” tattoo, which 21 clarified “Issa Knife” and went viral overnight.

Embracing his inner meme, 21 Savage enlisted Drake and Young Thug – two MCs who are no strangers to meme-ification – to take the gag to the next level on “Issa.” The “Issa” setup in the lyrics lends itself to some well-timed rhyme patterns, and particularly allows Young Thug’s ability to pull melodies seemingly out of thin air, to shine.

Also notable is how frequently the three artists reference each others’ work. From each others’ hometown to their hits to even their outfits, it’s a “issa” mutual admiration society on the track.

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