Call your friends, alert your neighbors, and fax your sensei – we have new Kendrick!

After his cryptic Instagram “IV” post yesterday, nobody was quite sure what the beloved Los Angeles rapper had in mind.

That is, until the wee hours last night when he surprise dropped his “The Heart Part IV” single to iTunes and streaming services.

More recent Lamar fans may not be familiar with Kendrick’s “The Heart” series, each having dropped right before one of his major career milestones, with the third part emerging at the beginning of the cycle for his Good Kid M.A.A.D. City album in 2012.

“The Heart Part IV” features Kendrick flipping a number of styles, weaving them perfectly over an ever-evolving beat. Any fears he’d be veering too far into the singing or poetry side of things can be squashed as he’s rapping hard as ever here, hitting right on the thump of the drums.

While there’s some speculation that he’s firing some subliminal shots at a few of his peers (possibly Drake and Big Sean) what’s unmistakable is that he mentions April 7 as being a definitive date. What could emerge then? Only time will tell. Until April 7 though, “The Heart Part IV” is more than enough to hold us over.

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