How cool were the people you hung out with at age 19? That’s something to keep in mind when you hear the 19-year-old Khalid’s new “Location” remix with Lil Wayne and Kehlani.

After the original was written and recorded for his senior prom in El Paso, Texas, it’s insane to think that a track he originally uploaded himself to his own Soundcloud now has official new verses from two of hip-hop’s hottest.

Emerging a week after an amazing Roots-backed performance on The Tonight Show, the “Location” remix turns the minimalist track into a three-part journey.

Wayne sets things off, Tunechi-vocal effects and all, showing some of the most energy he’s had since his public falling out with his former mentor and label. Then, Khalid strips the track back down, bringing us back to Earth before a glossy Kehlani appearance shoots us into the heavens.

Khalid takes the stage at our sold-out Go Show coming up on March 29 at the Fine Line.

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