These days it seems you can’t open your window without seeing Lil Yachty.

From Target commercials to potato chips, the Atlanta rapper has been absolutely everywhere, including today when he unexpectedly popped up on a remix of Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm.”

When “Chained” first emerged earlier this year, it was praised for Katy’s subtle critique of mindlessly droning on with a song’s infectious melodies regardless of the message. An indictment of throwing one’s life away to partying, it seemed there was something going on beneath the surface of the dancehall-infused pop single.

While this was the standout element of the original, Yachty’s “Boat Remix” kind of veers into a direction so unexpected, it doesn’t even qualify as opposite. In fact, Yachty’s verses are about how much he loves Katy Perry, concluding with him screaming, “I love you Katy!”

Maybe there’s somehow a sub-meta reason for this, with his verses describing how he reached the levels of success of being on a Katy Perry remix, and perhaps how he himself might be “chained” to the prospect of a night on the town with Ms. Perry. Confusing as this may seem, the track’s zeal is infectious, and Yachty’s own enthusiasm is enough to make this remix a welcome one.

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