Madlib and MF DOOM have just released a surprise new track, and just like that, the Madvillain myth is reborn.

“Avalanche” finds a re-energized DOOM over a revitalized Madlib beat, and it’s great. DOOM stacks syllables, Madlib creates a fully realized gorgeous soundscape. It’s the best either have sounded in the past decade, and stirs the rumor mill for an official follow-up to 2004’s Madvillainy.

While the oddly specific label of the track highlights it as “MADLIB & DOOM” and not “Madvillain,” the lyrics refer to Madvillain, so we don’t know exactly how to classify this new bout of villainy. This is made even more confusing by the track’s original origins of being first heard under the “Madvillain” moniker as part of a mix in a Stones Throw Podcast from almost six years ago.

Regardless, we’re happy to have it in full quality now. “Avalanche” is available as a 7-inch exclusively with the brand new Madvillain action figure.

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