Offset of Migos is spreading his wings as a solo artist with the new song, “Monday.” Note: This does NOT mean that a Migos breakup is coming.

In all seriousness, “Monday” is everything you would want from a Migos solo track. While you don’t get the trio playing off each other and bringing their energy to a boiling point, you do get Offset really getting breathing room to branch out with flows.

Offset’s energy winds itself up until “Monday” becomes an infectious flurry of fury bouncing off the OG Parker and Deko beat. While the rhymes end at the two-minute mark, it’s a very promising outing.

After seeing the group whip Myth into a frenzy last week, it’s interesting to consider what a solo Offset show would resemble. However, we probably won’t be seeing that for a while as this summer the group hits the road with Future for the Nobody’s Safe tour.

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