The world still loves Phife Dawg. After he died last March, it came as a tremendous surprise in November when A Tribe Called Quest released a new album, complete with verses Phife recorded before his death.

Given the late MC’s involvement with that record, Valentine’s Day came with an even bigger surprise that a new Phife Dawg album will be hitting stores this year.

That’s right, a full-length Phife project called Forever. Our first taste of it is “Wanna Dance.” Produced by Mike City and featuring Dwele on the hook, “Wanna Dance” has Phife with an unexpected distinctly early-’90s flow over a more futuristic-sounding groove.

We don’t know much else about what Forever will contain. Last year’s posthumous Phife solo track “Nutshell” featured him sounding right at home over a Dilla production, so we are optimistic the 5-Foot Assassin left some great “roughneck business” for our groove fix.

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