Rick Ross is finally acknowledging his own legacy on his latest track “Dead Presidents,” which features Future, Jeezy and Yo Gotti.

Opening the track by mentioning the “journey” it’s been since Port of Miami, Ross treats the Beat Billionaire production like a mothership, launching elements that channel the formula of his biggest singles. The anthemic marching of the bassline, the call-and-response readiness of the hook, the lavish gluttonous braggadocios rhymes, it’s vintage Rozay.

“Dead Presidents” is kind of a curious choice for a hook/title as reading it calls to mind both the classic Jay-Z single and the 1996 film, both of which have nothing to do with the song. That’s not to say “Dead Presidents” isn’t common hip-hop terminology, just last month Migos and 2 Chainz released “Deadz,” a video on that very subject that even features actors dressed as presidents playing dead in coffins. Still, Ross puts his own joyfully nonsensical twist on it with the Yo Gotti/Jeezy hook stating “Dead presidents, dead them dead presidents/ Fair sentences, fair, fair sentences,” which is Ross just how we like him.

One could make a case for Future’s verse stealing the show, however. A month after appearing on a song with Maroon 5, here Future likens himself to John Travolta and rocker Tommy Lee at the same damn time. The track does have us excited for Ross’ forthcoming Better You Than Me, which also boasts tracks named “Apple of My Eye,” “Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy” and “Scientology.”

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