Doomtree rapper Sims has just dropped an exclusive summer track for Go 95.3’s discerning listeners.

Feast your ears upon the cool synths and hummable hook of “No Getaway.” It features fellow Twin Cities talent Travla and was produced by L.A. beatmaker Guru Doug.

Sims debuted another one-off called “Time Don’t Fear Me Back” earlier this month, his first new material since the inward reflections of his third studio album, More Than Ever, released in late 2016.

“I’ve been making a bunch of music lately,” Sims told GoMN. “And, as part of that, I’ve been working with a lot of different artists. The Travla collaboration is sort of birthed out of that. Basically, it’s put a beat on and let it rip. This song actually came together in about an hour. And that might be the reason I like it so much, it just feels light and easy; not trying too hard. It reminds me of the lawlessness of summer, and going head first into whatever, ‘cuz fun. And yeah, lots more music on the way.”

Tune in to Mr. Peter Parker’s show on Go 95.3 Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. to hear Sims premiere the track.

Your next chance to catch Sims is August 25 at Icehouse. Tickets go on sale Friday at Doomtree’s website.

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