Every few years, Snoop Dogg tucks the family-friendly Snoop smile away to remind us he’s still the same Long Beach G he’s always been.

Snoop surprised us with such a song today in “Promise You This.”

With a classic foreboding West Coast synth sound and a menacing almost-growling vocal performance, Snoop’s reminding us that between guest-voicing on The Simpsons and having potluck dinners with Martha Stewart, he’s still not to be messed with.

What’s got Snoop so angry this go-round? People falsely claiming he made promises. Snoop’s vitriol is aimed towards the “Snoop promised me this…” crowd, angrily reminding them that he promises not to make anyone any promises.

“Promise You This” arrives with the announcement of Snoop’s Mount Kushmore Wellness Retreat tour with Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill and Method Man and Redman.

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