Syd has gone from being “the Kyd” of Odd Future to being the face of the Internet to a solo artist.

After the success of last month’s debut solo album, Fin, Syd has a new single called “Treading Water.”

Produced by fellow Internet alumni Steve Lacy (hence why the warmth of the track sounds reminiscent of Lacy’s own “Dark Red”) “Treading Water” flips Twenty88’s 2016 track “Selfish” into an entirely new beast, both intimate and vulnerable as her silky smooth vocals sink into the melodious stream.

Syd hasn’t said much about the track itself, other than announcing its arrival today last night, and stating it was her favorite song on Fin before she had to cut it.

When asked why it didn’t make the final album, Syd’s only said “you’ll see.” Is there more brewing beneath the surface? Regardless how deep “Treading Water” may go, the smooth track is keeping us afloat for now.

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