Of all the club bangers arriving in 2017, not a single one has opened with the howl of a wolf. Here to rectify that problem is T-Pain’s “See Me Comin.”

Teddy sounds particularly aggressive on the track, and he’s not afraid to summon up Martin memories by yelling “Damn Gina!”

Produced by Dre Moon and X-Plosive, the sound of “See Me Comin” has finally put us at the point where Auto-Tune singing now has a throwback quality to it. The robotic, sustained melodies take us back to a time before mumbling rappers were the largest utilizers of the software.

T-Pain’s relative reclusiveness since 2011’s Revolver has allowed his sound to become fresh again. While his SoundCloud has been explicit to not refer to his recent string of new singles as a “comeback,” the return of signature T-Pain fun to our playlists is a welcome one.

While there’s no release date set yet for T-Pain’s long-awaited album, Stoicville, we hope the title suggest T-Pain has gotten really into philosopher Epictetus and, thus, will be releasing it soon.

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