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While it hardly needs to be stated in the year 2018, people on the internet are the worst sometimes, man. In this case, we’re referring to the recent social media “controversy” levied at one of Minnesota music’s fastest rising stars (and Go Radio’s Fav), Lizzo.

After a clip of the R&B Diva playing s flute and doing The Shoot went viral at the end of last month, haters started to crawl into Lizzo’s mentions to claim that the multi-talented rapper-singer-songwriter was faking the funk when it came to her flute playing.


Now, true Lizzo Stans (such as ourselves) will understand how erroneous these accusations of flute-fraud are. After all, Lizzo did plenty of flute playing during her time in the Twin Cities, especially when she was first starting out. Don’t worry folks, we’ve got the receipts, and we came to play.

Exhibit A: Lizzo’s First Twin Cities Print Interview (The Wake, February 2012)

As we can clearly see from Exhibit A (an early interview with the artist and her first local collaborator Larva Ink), Lizzo has been stating on the record that she is a classically trained flautist since 2012. Not only that, but she got a scholarship for it AND she loves John Williams.

Exhibit B: Lizzo talks about her flute playing days with the CBC. (Q on CBC, December 2016)

In Exhibit B, we have a professional journalist (not shots to the first guy, but c’mon) at an accredited news broadcasting company confirming on video that Lizzo was indeed an avid flautist.

The evidence is starting to pile up! But let’s say that we’re not willing to take her word for it, and proceed to Exhibit C.

Exhibit C: Lizzo plays flute with Sean Anonymous (Radio K In-Studio, January 2014)

WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! In Exhibit B we can clearly see and hear Lizzo performing the flute as an accompaniment for local rapper Sean Anonymous’ song “Bucket of Snakes” at 1:20. Lizzo an Anonymous were frequent collaborators during her time in Minneapolis, and even performed this track live a few times. Shout out to the rest of the guys in the local band Dreamcrusher for helping out on the song as well.

Exhibit D: Lizzo claps back on social media (November 2018, NSFW)

If you somehow still weren’t convinced, the goddess herself hopped onto social media yesterday to prove her flute bonafides with a resounding clapback to all of her haters and doubters.

Let this message ring out to all who would doubt Lizzo in the future, lest they find themselves being annihilated so decisively on social media: If you come at the Queen, you best not miss.


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