There’s a new local rap trio called FREEWIFI that will be take the BFGS stage on Sunday. 

MCs J.Plaza, Daddy Dinero and Tha Rift are combining their diverse styles to make waves both locally and nationally. 

The FREEWIFI members are solo artists in their own right, so it’s only proper we to get to know them individually before they bring the heat they’ve been cooking to the streets of Downtown Minneapolis this weekend. 

J. Plaza

J. Plaza recently gained an extra surge of solo traction after Jaden Smith acknowledged his “Batman” remix on Twitter. 

In Plaza’s version, the rapper assumes the identity of Robin as he purposefully rhymes about speeding fast in his lane. His animated flow comes alive in clever punchlines like this one:

 “Trying to get it like Steve Jobs and all them other rich white folks/ Man I ain’t tryna’ live life broke/ Nah I’ll start robbing, robbing I swear I will/ But karma’s going around like a ferris wheel.” 

His tough, yet carefree attitude also show through in “F**K IT” and “knO sO.”

However, his most popular SoundCloud upload “Ashes” exposes a more introspective side. Plaza comes to a deep realization as he a raps, “I think that I have depression, I know it’s a sad confession.” 

Daddy Dinero

Given the darkness of some of Plaza’s tracks, it’s no wonder that his and Daddy Dinero’s sounds mesh so well. Gruff and intense, Dinero brings an unforgiving trap aesthetic to the crew.   

If you’re in need of a confidence boost, reciting some Daddy Dinero bars into the mirror might not be a bad idea. In his practically-viral version of Drake’s “Energy” he cleverly raps, “They would have thought I was Microsoft by the way I Excel.”

The most popular track on his recent The Inauguration mixtape features a mumbly verse from Buffet Boys’ Fat Nick. In “Xan Man,” Daddy Dinero’s hook is more clearly enunciated and once again self-assuring, as he repetitively raps about “Feeling like the man.” 

Tha Rift 

If third and final member Tha Rift kept the group’s breakout track to himself, then FREEWIFI may have never formed. 

After asking J. Plaza and Daddy Dinero to add their respective, signature flavor to the Angelo Bombay-produced “Ego,” FREEWIFI’s bond was officially formed.

The bouncy stunt track is guided by Tha Rift’s higher-pitched, soft singing style that is simultaneously reminiscent of both Jeremih and Rae Sremmurd. 

His solo and collaborative tracks are always packed full of wacky rhymes. In his recent song “Sauce Wave” he says, “I’m just oozing with my slime, a couple bands should be just fine.”

There’s even a fun story behind the group’s unique name. Tha Rift told Rostrum Records “FREEWIFI reps the unity of us coming together, we are three different MC’s from different walks of life, but we connected through social media and phones before we connected in person.”

FREEWIFI’s BFGS performance isn’t something you’re going to want to miss. The trio will be sharing the stage with Wiz Khalifa, Blackbear, Vince Staples, Bobby Raps, Finding Novyon and Mac Irv on Sunday, July 30.

Click here to grab your tickets before they sell out. 

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