Did you miss Sunday’s episode of Local Ties with Claire and Jordan? Never fear, we’ve got all your local goodness right here at GoRadioMN.com.

Every week, we’ll share our playlist from the show and remind you to tune in every Sunday at 10pm!

July’s Northern Exposure featured artist is Dizzy Fae! You can check out their music on all major streaming platforms, and check out her new mixtape “No GMO” here.

Local Ties Playlist 7/14/19:

  1. Velvet Negroni – “Wine Green”
  2. Bob Dylan – “Subterranean Homesick Blues”
  3. Nur-D – “20-Cha”
  4. Your Smith – “Wild, Wild Woman”
  5. Gully Boys – “Dizzy Romantics”
  6. Yam Haus – “The Thrill”
  7. Bad Bad Hats – “Midway”
  8. Heart Bones – “This Time It’s Different”
  9. Shredders – “Ayeyaya”
  10. Dua Saleh – “Warm Pants”
  11. Roma Di Luna – “Before I Die”
  12. JS Ondara – “Saying Goodbye”
  13. Dizzy Fae – Johnny Bravo

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