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The latest hip-hop beef stems from the podcast world as perennial curmudgeon Joe Budden has set his sights on Logic.

The “Pump It Up” rapper and host did a real-time extensive review of Logic’s verse on French Montana‘s latest posse cut “Twisted,” going as far as to call Logic “One Of The Worst Rappers To Ever Grace A Microphone.”

Budden went on to say:

“I’m going to be honest with you…I don’t know what they tell you at Def Jam, I know you sold a lot of records, I know you sell out a whole bunch of tours and I know just how successful you are, I have to be honest — you are horrible, man.”

As of press time, Logic hasn’t responded. It should be noted that, as popular as Budden’s comments have been online, a response record from Logic would more than likely be the definitive winner in a war-of-words as Budden’s losses to The Game, Hollow da Don, Lil B, Drake, Saigon and pretty much anyone he’s ever beefed with finds him having one of the worst win-loss records in hip-hop history.

Check out “Twisted” and Budden’s comments below.

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