Ludacris has just unveiled Slang N’ Friendz, a new mobile game modeled after Scrabble and Words With Friends. The main selling point here is the ability to utilize popular slang vernacular mid-play.

We’re somewhat surprised it took this long for a game like this to exist, but it just shows not only is Ludacris Fast and Furious, but pretty forward thinking.

In all seriousness, there’s two key aspects to the game that strike us as the coolest part of its experience. First, its database includes not just current slang, but slang dating back to the ’70s. As cool beans as that is, the most interest part not caught on the flipside is how any word not caught on the flipside can be added to an ever-growing database. The app’s website really pushes the ability to “Engage and learn unique terms from players all over the globe with our user generated slang definitions!” so it has the capacity to cross-cultures all at the users fingertips.

“I was always a fan of Scrabble way before the competitors like Words With Friends came in,” Luda said. “I am in the hip hop world. We have created words that ended up in the dictionary because they were slang. Pop culture dictates the rest of the culture. I felt it was necessary that our own vocabulary be added to the dictionary, like an urban dictionary. We want to fill a void with the word.”

Slang N’ Friendz is out today through the App Store and Google Play.

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