The horrific damage caused by Hurricane Maria has utterly devastated Puerto Rico. Already ravaged by Hurricane Irma, the impact of Maria on Puerto Rico’s electrical grid has left the island without any power. When news of the catastrophic impact broke, the boricua community in Minnesota immediately jumped into action. 

Twin Cities hip-hop favorite and Puerto Ricans In Minnesota Committee (PRiMN) co-founder Maria Isa has been one of the most vocal driving forces, spreading awareness and helping bring eyeballs to the best ways to donate. She joins Puerto Rico-born Senator Melisa Frazen among other leaders to encourage the giving of supplies and matching donations.

To help out: Maria Isa has been most vocal about the St. Paul Foundation fund El Fondo Boricua, which Maria’s company is matching contributions of $250 until October 19. 

As Isa said in a press release, “your donation will go directed to a vetted, local foundation that will target the financial aid where it is needed most.”

Maria Isa joined Go 95.3’s Mr. Peter Parker to discuss her Hurricane Maria experience and more ways Minnesotans can help.

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