Right now McDonald’s is allowing you to safely receive your favorite McDonald’s food in many wonderful McWays!

In addition to only taking in-person orders at the drive thru, now McDonald’s is allowing you to shine your golden arches at home with McDelivery! Whether you live in a house, apartment, condo, treehouse, houseboat, mysterious subterranean lair or eccentric year-round light-up Christmas cornucopia – McDelivery will bring your favorite Big Macs, McNuggets, Egg McMuffins, Shakes and more right to you!

Order with McDelivery on UberEats or DoorDash today!

Since you deserve a break today, we’re celebrating McDelivery with some of our favorite classic McDonald’s commercials! For decades, whenever we’ve asked “Did somebody say McDonald’s?” we’ve know that what you want is what you get, and we’re still lovin’ it.

So, let’s put on our big red shoes for a walk down memory lane!

How long has McDonald’s been there for us? Since the Stone Age! (Allegedly) As evidenced by this historical footage from 1994 AD, McDonald’s transformed their locations into RocDonald’s to celebrate the release of The Flintstones. Check out those collector cups! Do you still have yours?

Few team-ups have been as powerful together as McDonald’s and Batman. Whether a Happy Meal or Collector Cups, the union of the Dark Knight and the Golden Arches have lead to many memorable spots. This one, involving a McDelivery of its own, might be our favorite.

Remember in the 80s when McDonald’s had a smooth-talking moon-headed mascot remind us of the hippest way to end an evening? Zennials, meet Mac Tonight, the spokesmoon who taught your parents how to be cool.

There’s no more high stakes wager than a Big Mac Extra Value Meal, and emphasizing that point were NBA greats Michael Jordan and Larry Bird having a shoot-out competition over the tastiest prize in all combo meals. In addition to being an ingenious entertaining spot, it made the phrase “nothin’ but net” a pop culture staple for years to come.

Perhaps McDonald’s most memorable jingle, 2003 saw Justin Timberlake team up with Pusha T for their landmark “I’m Lovin’ It” spot that would be used worldwide for years. That’s right, one half of Clipse wrote the famous “ba-da-buh-ba-baaaaah I’m lovin’ it!”

Of course no discussion of classic McDonald’s spots would be the same without talking about Ronald McDonald. In this unforgettable 90s commercial, Ronald experiments with a few different hairstyles before finding his perfect look. Great shot at the end of the whole McDonaldland Gang as well!

Stuck at home and eager to learn? Allow Ronald to teach you some important lessons with a crash course at Hamburger University!

Finally, in one of Ronald’s most touching moments, he comforts a young girl considering running away by helping her appreciate all the wonderful things her home has to offer.

What are your favorite McDonald’s commercials?

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