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Few artists have had as great of a 2018 as Meek Mill. Finally a full-fledged crossover superstar for both his music and his activist work, Meek made a landmark appearance on New York radio today to solidify his year going full circle.

It was a mere three years ago that Drake released his instant classic “Back to Back” diss that many speculated Meek would never recover from. Now, three years later as both are now friends and sitting at the top of the rap game, Meek demonstrated how far the two have come in that time by showing us what he can do over the “Back to Back” beat.

It’s a feat in itself that Meek got Flex to publicly apologize to Drake before he began, and then Meek blisters over the beat like a man possessed. It’s clear he’s wanted to rock over this for the past three years, and even with how far the Champions MC has come, it’s still pretty surreal to hear him over it knowing how intense their 2015 rivalry was.

Who do you think was better over the beat: Drake or Meek?

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