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If you want to get a room full of hip-hop heads debating, starting a “Top 5” conversation. Whether “Top 5 dead-or-alive,” “Top 5 greatest diss records” or “Top 5 LL Cool J films,” anytime rap fans are confronted with that particular number, it leads to an absolute donnybrook of a debate.

The most recent numerical ranker to step in the arena is Meek Mill. During a Q&A with fans, Meek let his top five rankings of the present day be known.

Here’s Meek’s Top 5 Rappers of His Era:

1) Jay-Z

2) Lil Wayne

3) Rick Ross

4) Jadakiss

5) DMX

It’s unclear exactly which era Meek is talking about here, but that’s the beauty of these lists: it’s all about arbitrary rankings of our personal favorites!

How do you feel about Meek’s pics?

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