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This probably isn’t how you expected to start your Labor Day, but we’re in full-fledged beef season. MGK has responded to the jabs Eminem sent him on his surprise album Kamikaze with “Rap Devil,” a nearly five minute takedown of Marshall who has one of rap beef’s strongest win-loss records.

For those keeping score at home, this all originated from a 2012 tweet where a 22-year-old MGK publicly stated that he found Eminem’s daughter Hailey attractive. Allegedly, a furious Em had MGK blacklisted from his various enterprises, but never responded publicly. That is until the numerous barbs on Kamikaze, in which, according to @hiphopnumbers, out of the 153 (!) total disses on the album, Eminem is targeting MGK on 27 (!) of them, a solid 17.6% of the disses. For comparison’s sake, frequent Em foe President Donald Trump – who’s shots were initially the talk of the album’s surprise release, was only dissed 11 times.

Thus, in the competitive spirit of hip-hop, MGK released “Rap Devil.” An admitted Eminem fan, here MGK has almost two decades of material to work with, criticizing Em’s music, public figure and even finds a way to acknowledge deep Eminem cuts with lines only fans would recognize.

This isn’t the only feud MGK is current caught up in as last Friday he was the subject of G-Eazy‘s diss “Bad Boy.” MGK’s only response to that record thus far is a single throwaway line at the end of “Rap Devil.”

Did MGK come harder than you expected? Do you think Eminem will respond? Where do you see G-Eazy fitting into all of this?

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