Who’s bad? Liars, that’s whom!

A 2014 class action lawsuit may have revealed that Michael Jackson‘s vocals were impersonated on his posthumous 2010 album Michael. Jackson fan Vera Serova alleges the vocals credited to Jackson for the songs “Breaking News,” “Monster” and “Keep Your Head Up,” were not actually performed by Jackson.

Defendants Sony Music and Jackson’s estate have maintained since speculation began in 2010 that the vocals were all Jackson’s, but Tuesday’s hearing included the phrase “even if the vocals weren’t Jackson’s” in their wording, leading many to believe that Sony and the Estate were admitting that Michael was not a part of the recordings. The musicians and engineers involved on the tracks have allegedly had sentiments echoed over the years that Jackson was not a part of the sessions, and many fans point to singer and Jackson-impersonator Jason Malachi as to being the voice on the three songs, something his manager denied in 2011.

Today, Sony and Jackson’s estate released an official statement emphasizing “No one has conceded that Michael Jackson did not sing on the songs.”

Sony’s desperation for unused Jackson vocals has us already prepared for the King of Pop’s next posthumous single: “Hi, You’ve Reached Mike, I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now (So Please Leave A Message.)”

Here are the songs in question. Do you think Jacko is on the Tracko?

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