The Year of the Migos continues! The cold weather outside makes great contrast for the much needed heat that is the latest Pharrell-assisted Migos track “Stir Fry.” Would it be too much to say it’s a “hot record?” No MSG needed – unless we’re talking Madison Square Garden – as this is an arena rap banger that has us even more excited for Culture 2.

At first, it’s a bit perplexing to come to terms with “Stir Fry’s” existence. Migos have always had a signature sound, Pharrell has always had a signature sound, and both coming together to accentuate their positives makes for an especially spicy dish to close the year with. 

Destined to be referred to by your more cynical and less bad and boujee friends as “the one Migos song I like,” those of us in the know – and in the Culture – will recognize what a great lane-expanding record this is.

We now have some reason to believe that Culture 2 may be food themed. Hear us out: This month alone we’ve been given the burger-centric “Five Guys” with Young Thug and 2 Chainz enlisted Quavo for “Wake Up, Cook Up.”  Did Migos convert their kitchen into a studio? Let’s not forget their 2017 highlight “Dab of Ranch.” Regardless the topic, “Stir Fry” feels like in 2018 is going to hit the spot.

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