Migos have spent the better part of 2017 everywhere from your daytime television to your potato chips, but the group have finally entered your children’s classrooms.

No, it’s not because the now legendary trio are being taught in music history class, but rather their music is being used to teach history.

Enter Georgia middle school teacher Mr. David Yancey. While the idea of a teacher accessing hip-hop to teach the Civil War might conjure thoughts of “My name is Abe Lincoln and I’m here to say / I’m the 16th President of the U-S-A,” what we have here couldn’t be further from these notions.

Yancey’s skills and swag are connecting with his students as his take on “Bad and Boujee” as “Sad and Losing” is a pretty dead-on line-for-line look at a first-person perspective of the Civil War battlefield.

While Yancey has utilized hip-hop to teach before, including reshaping Drake’s now classic diss record “Back to Back” into the best rap song ever written about The Battle of Kettle Creek, we’d like to encourage all educators to use further Migos songs in the classroom. Perhaps using “Look at My Dab” to discuss Dr. Jonas Salk’s groundbreaking polio vaccine as “Look at My Lab” or maybe Migos’ original 2013 breakout hit “Versace” as “There’s Chachi” to explain the 2016 Republican National Convention?

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