ESPN got a little more “Bad and Boujee” when Migos stopped by to continue their pop culture ubiquity for a nearly-10 minute interview on SportsCenter.

Quavo, Offset and Takeoff joined host Cari Champion for a pretty in-depth interview about the impact they’ve had on the culture, before getting in some great Migos ad-libbing and Top 5 ranking action.

Champion brings up Migos’ popularizing of dabbing early on, and the trio get into one of their most in-depth discussions on the subject.

A little later, we get more of the Migos fun that seems to follow them in these situations, including their ad-libs over some Steph Curry highlights, further proving the theory that everything goes better with Migos commentary over it.

We also get Migos’ take on the hosts’ Top 5 “Bad” things lists. The whole interview is another worthy entry into 2017 being the Year of Migos, but it’s worth noting how the pacing here is a bit different. The almost introspective way the trio discuss the dab and their influence has a different tone to it, that reveals the real Quavo, Offset and Takeoff amidst their tremendous success.

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