Twin Cities Milky Chance fans gathered for a live interpretation of the German folk, alternative rock group’s long-awaited second album Blossom

Skyway Theatre was packed full from floor to balcony with dedicated fans. Here are our five takeaways.

Mood lighting

Even before Milky Chance brought out their own fixtures, the lighting was spot on. There were dreamy blue and purple tones as pop, soul-fusion group Gene Evaro Jr. opened up the evening and sang “Be My Baby.” And another notable moment was when a perfect crimson tone draped over Milky Chance as they performed “Firebird.”

Seamless studio to stage transition

Milky Chance singer/guitarist Clemens Rehbein and producer Philipp Dausch brought their studio work to life. Dausch’s attention to detail was evident as he did his best to bring every percussion sound on recorded tracks to life on stage. Throughout the band’s set he switched between sitting behind his drum set equipped with congas and customized shakers, to swiftly playing guitar across the stage. 

Harmonica solos

Antonio Greger is another Milky Chance member who deserves more credit. Beyond guitar and backing vocals, he played the harmonica like nobody’s business throughout the Thursday evening show. His standout solo was during “Cold Blue Rain,” which was again backed by perfectly accurate indigo lighting. 

Electric to “very, very acoustic”

When the band came out for their encore, Rehbein asked the crowd to keep quiet as they performed a “very, very acoustic” cover of “The Dreamer” by Tallest Man On Earth. Rehbein and Dausch proceeded to play sans amp and shared one mic as the crowd collectively tried to hold their breath while recording videos of the special moment.

“Stolen Dance” 

As predicted, Milky Chance saved their 2013 breakout single, “Stolen Dance,” for the encore portion of their set. Rehbein sang the chorus the first time, but let the crowd take control for the rest of the live rendition. Surprisingly, the German-based crew performed one more Sadnecessary track, “Sweet Sun,” before handing off the setlist to a lucky front row attendee.  

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